Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Dita Von Teese Loves SIL

We vintagelingerie fans are quite fortunate right now! As retro underwear continues to be very fashionable and sexy, so doesthe worlds more voluptuous pin up models. After all, who better to fill out these sexy undergarments then thedivas with the sexy curves? There are so many gorgeous ones from around theworld in all kinds of shapes, sizes and hair colors.  We all have our favorites but it’s obvious tome the long reigning modern queen of pin-up, glamour and burlesque is Dita VonTeese. She’s contributed to bringing vintage lingerie to the status it is todaythanks to her beauty, boldness, originality and of course, good taste.  So it should be of no surprise to you thatDita loves SIL! After all, she is always wearing stockings and we have thebest.  In fact she even collaborated withus at SIL to design a line of stockings that are simply amazing.  So if you haven’t already, why not check outwhat Miss Pin-Up herself loves!
Dita French Heel

Dita French Glamour Heel

Dita Diamond Backseam

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