Monday, January 9, 2012

Banbury French Heel

It’sthe beginning of a new year and just as you think you are finished gift giving,it’s time to start thinking about Valentine’s Day!  I know you may be all shopped out but thisromantic holiday is right around the corner and your loved ones will probablybe expecting something special.  Thankgoodness we are here to help you!  SILhas a huge selection of fabulous high end lingerie! One of my personalfavorites is our exclusive design - The Banbury French Heel Fully FashionedStocking.  It has a bold pink welt and adouble black line in the underwelt. It is accented with a fine black Picot lineat the top of the welt and finished with a 15 denier Black French Heel. Thisencompasses the highest standard of stocking you've become accustomed to -created for you by Secrets In Lace! As with all our Fully Fashioned StockingsIt includes the hand sewn backseam and the finishing hole in the welt.  Remember... Keep the Romance Alive!!

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