Monday, October 3, 2011

Pamela Full Fashioned French Stocking

When we collaborated with Pamela Anderson to design her CoutureStockings Collection, we already knew how good she was at being sexy and how much she loved stockings.  So we decided we needed a style that’s as sexy as her but also elegant enough to be worn during the evening. The Full Fashioned French Stocking is what we came up with.  First of all, Pamela loves seams. She is even known for saying "back seams are sexy" – so we made sure this style had hand sewn back seams that drew attention to the shape of the leg.  Then we decided to make it a French heel style which adds a timeless and high end look to it.   To finish this beautiful stocking, we placed Pamela's signature logo on the stocking welt.  The Pamela Full Fashioned French Stocking is absolute perfection.

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