Friday, September 30, 2011

SIL Vintage Dot RHT Stockings

Lately, we’ve been rolling out a lot of amazing new garterbelts, bras and panties. But remember, nothing makes your outfit look better than finishing it with one of our pairs of high end stockings (after all, it’s the stockings that make the lingerie, right?). If you’re an SIL woman such as me you probably own some of the much needed basics like the Classic RHT or the Gennia Full Fashion Stockings. But why not make things exciting and check out our patterned stockings?  One of the best pairs is our Vintage Dot RTH.  These exclusive 15 denier stockings comes in TEN exciting combos - Black, Coffee, Copper, Grey, Ivory, White, Black/Grey, Beige/Black, Pink/Black, Grey/Black – and they all look great with every piece of SIL lingerie you own!

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