Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Trend Report – Secrets In Lace is right on Target!

Although we here at Secrets In Lace typically take pride in being classically elegant as opposed to trendy, it turns out we have a vast selection in stock of some of this Falls most fabulous looks! Check out our slide show for just a few examples and be sure to visit our website to see what other stylish products you can look great in this season.

Full Cut Briefs / High Waisted Panties

Thanks to some couturiers and pop culture divas, full cut briefs and high waisted panties are very much in vogue. It’s obvious to me as to why this is - they are classy and flattering to the figure. While they are currently trendy, we have been supplying this look in many lovely fabrics, colors and details for quite some time.

  Jewel Tones
t’s all about three colors this Fall: black, red and purple (and in that order too).  Here at SIL we have plenty of it along with other bold jewel tones such as green, pink and chocolate which are hotter than ever. 
It’s about time we brought back this beautiful look.  Sheers are huge right now and this is one of the most feminine ways to wear them.  In addition to that they flatter every figure.

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  1. How timely that you featured a photo of Lady Gaga in your Trend Report linked to Secrets In Lace category Panties ! As you may know, and as I did a blog post about, Lady Gaga winning 4 EMAs and is nominated for 5 People's Choice Awards! I credit Lady Gaga with helping make the trend so popular, following in the footsteps of Bette Paige, Marilyn Monroe, Bernie Dexter, and Madonna. Mother Monster is taking it to a whole new level, and I hope all the Little Monsters will eventually check out the fashions at Secrets In Lace!

    I'm absolutely thrilled that retro style full brief panties are so much in vogue. Secrets In Lace carries some truly lovely styles of classic panties.

    As you might notice from the title of my blog, I just LOVE buying, wearing, male modeling and reviewing classic full brief panties. I will be sure to follow you here on blogspot as well as on Twitter @secretsinlace . My Twitter is @Panty_Buns .