Friday, August 26, 2011

Bettie Girdle with Zipper

The Bettie Girdle with Zipper is the one of the greatest from our Bettie Page Collection. Here at SIL, we demand the best in quality and this style does not disappoint. It’s a long line girdle with a side zipper and hook and eye closures for easy fit. The front panel has a stretch panel for support and shaping. We added six one inch wide adjustable garter straps for your Bettie Page Nylon Stockings. All of elements are great but my favorite part about this style is the exciting leopard print color combos it comes in, hot pink, ivory and black! Coordinate it with either the Bettie Page Leopard PlungeBra or Leopard Bullet Bra for a fabulous Bettie look.

hot pink



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