Friday, February 11, 2011

Last Chance for Valentine’s Day!.

Secrets In Lace has a great selection of hosiery available in Valentine’s Day colors such as our Signature Pantyhose, Signature RHT, Classic RHT, Vintage Dot RHT, Glamour RHT, Celine RHT, Glimmer RHT, Veronica Lace Top RHT, Premier European Heel and Glamour French Heel.

Signature Pantyhose
Style 9260

Colors: Black, Beige, Coffee, Light Blue, Yellow, Pink, Black, Coffee

Signature RHT
Style 9950

Colors: Black Leg/Grey Welt, Black Leg/Black Welt with White Accents, Beige Leg/Beige Welt, Ivory Leg/Brown Welt, White Leg/White Welt, Black Leg/Red Welt, Beige Leg/Pink Welt, Pink Leg/Brown Welt, Coffee Leg/Coffee Welt

SIL Classic RHT
Style 9900I

Colors: Beige, Black, Copper. Grey, Espresso, Navy, Ivory, White, Pink

Glamour RHT
Style 9915

Colors: Beige, Grey, Pink, Copper
Glimmer RHT
Style 9940

Colors: Beige, Gold, Ivory, Silver, Pink
Veronica Lace Top RHT
Style 9840C

Colors: Black-Pink

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