Thursday, December 2, 2010

Making your legs look great with our authentic nylon stockings since 1984!

How does one describe Secrets In Lace?
Industry leader in sophisticated lingerie?
Creatrice of retro chic bras, panties, garter belts and girdles?
Experts in developing romantic sleepwear?
Sure, SIL is all of these but to our loyal friend’s and customers we’re primarily about one thing:
Authentic 100% nylon stockings.
When it comes to hosiery, SIL is the best and today I want to highlight some of our unique 15 denier vintage dot stockings:
First we have the Vintage Dot Reinforced Toe and Heel Stocking; a true classic! You can only find this pattern in 100% nylon (non stretch) at SIL.  It is also branded with The Secrets In Lace imprint in the welt. You can buy this style in many colors like Black, Coffee, Copper, Grey, Ivory and White.
What’s even better is you can now buy the Vintage Dot RHT in these delicious NEW combos:
Black Leg - Grey Welt - Grey Dots (Select Black-Grey)
Beige Leg - Black Welt - Black Dots (Select Beige)
Black Welt-Pink Leg-Black Dots (Select Black-Pink)
Black Welt-Grey Leg-Black Dots (Select Grey-Black)

Just go to Secrets In Lace and to view the many different Vintage Dot Stockings we have available.
Next we have the Vintage Dot Lace Top Stocking. This distinctive look is what we created when we combined the vintage element of dots with our original Veronica Lace. These stockings can be worn with or without a garter belt. We offer them with Black Lace on a black leg or Beige Lace with Brown dots on an Ivory Leg.

Lastly, we can’t forget about the exclusive Bettie Page Vintage Dot Stocking with Back Seam. In tribute to one of our favorite pin-up girls, this style in classic black is meaningful to the 1950's and 60's age of fashion.  Plus, we added a backseam and our Exclusive Bettie Page Welt imprint.

You can coordinate all the Bettie Page Stockings with Garter Belts, Bullet Bras and Briefs from Bettie's Exclusive Collection by Secrets In Lace at Bettie Page Vintage Dot with Backseam 

All these available combination's look great with your basic closet necessities such as your black pencil skirt, your winter white blouse or your cream and beige tweed blazer. Try adding the vintage dot stockings for a personal touch of style to your existing wardrobe. You will continue to be timelessly attractive but will stand out with the striking accent of these styles.
In conclusion, it’s no wonder SIL is the best brand in stockings, period! – Or should I say ‘dot’???

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